In times of loss, Jesus still saves

Peanut Gallery photo of Moses Arevalo from his freshman year at Union College

Peanut Gallery photo of Moses Arevalo from his freshman year at Union College

Last week, many experienced tragedy. For those not familiar with what happened, on Wednesday November 11, news was released that 19-year-old Moses Arevalo was killed in a car accident while travelling to Nebraska to help with Union College's Acrofest gymnastics event.

He was a student here last year and was part of the gymnastics team. From what I was told, he was planning to return in January. He was also planning to study theology.

Some may not be experiencing his loss in the same way nor the same magnitude as others. I never personally knew Moses Arevalo. I wasn't his Facebook friend. We spoke a few times and I said hi to him whenever I saw him on campus, but I didn’t get to know what made him smile or made him nervous on a test.

While I never personally knew him, I can see the effects of his death on nearly everyone at Union College. As news broke on campus, sorrow spread. And while we are saddened and terribly heartbroken by his loss, I want us to also be thankful.

Thankful that while we live in a world where sin has tainted all, even those who serve Him, we also live in a world Jesus died to save.

The morning after his passing, I felt my emotions stir with sadness and sorrow; I didn’t know why. I turned my Bible to Revelation, seeking hope. Hope that this isn't the end. Hope that while the world continues to darken, there is light shining through.

Revelation 21:4 is often quoted in times of sadness and pain, but Revelation 21:6 is what comes to my mind for those who seek comfort during a hard time such as with the loss of Moses Arevalo .

"And He said to me, 'It is done!' I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of water of life freely to him who thirsts."

In wake of loss, I see many cry out for Jesus to come soon. We hold dear to the hope that we will again see those we’ve lost when Jesus returns.

When I say Jesus come soon, I am thankful there is even the grace and mercy available for us to be saved from this sinful world. I am thankful that while there are thousands of people who have tried to ruin the name of God and continue to destroy others by claiming the power of Jesus, there are millions who seek to share the meaning of His gospel, the meaning of His love—millions like a boy named Moses.

From what I know, Moses was a man who thirsted for God. And I know the fountain of life will once again pour out from Him. I pray that there are others who thirst and realize that while this life is short, there is eternal life available after this. There is even new life available now for anyone, for that is the power of the God we serve.

May we realize that while Moses’ presence isn’t earthly anymore, we can have a heavenly reunion—soon. May Moses' work for God echo into the lives of those still living that there is hope, even today.

There’s hope for more. There’s hope that while this world is tainted by sin, Jesus still saves.

Emy Wood is a junior communications major specializing in public relations and emerging media. She loves cooking vegan and gluten-free food, reading, writing, playing guitar, learning Spanish and seeing people spell her name with just one "m." Emy grew up on a farm and has owned every creature from llamas to a wallaby. She considers baby animals the best thing on earth.