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After going through a lot of interviews and having companies trying to recruit me I relied that my future is something that I can take charge of. I am not looking for something that is comfortable but instead something that challenges me and provides growth through maximization of my skills. However, my initial plan was to attend graduate school and receive an MBA or a master’s degree in economics but now I want to work for some time first. I decided this because I really wanted to apply what my amazing professors such as Mr. and Mrs. Forbes, Purkeypile, and Kent Staley have taught me during my time here at Union College.  I feel like I have been given the right set of tools to be in a prime position to succeed in my goals. So, the advice I would give to anyone attending Union is to always have what you want to learn set in your mind. Time may just be passing by but at least you will learn something everyday if you learning intentionally.

– Tione Nkhono is a Senior studying Business Administration


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