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Humans of union College

“I spent last year in Spain doing Adventist Colleges Abroad. I’d have to say the thing I appreciate the most since coming back is, without a doubt, the food. I thought the food in Spain was horrible–everything was cold. They served a lot of gazpacho, which is a cold soup.

It wasn’t all that. Overall though, the experience was more than worth it. We traveled a lot. We had a chance to go to France, Germany, Belgium, Amsterdam–we went all over the place and it was excellent.

I used that time to get to know myself—to get to know what I wanted from myself and what God wanted from me. I made many great friends and had some great experiences that I miss a lot.I played a lot of soccer in Spain, so my soccer skills improved significantly. But I’m glad to be back on hardwood playing basketball and I’m glad to be back at Union.”

-Angel Pereira is a senior studying theology




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