Why Spotify?

Fun fact: Spotify began in 2006 but only recently gained popularity. // Kasondra Reel

Fun fact: Spotify began in 2006 but only recently gained popularity. // Kasondra Reel

Less is more, so get more beats for less.

The infamous variations of “I can’t afford that”–though valid–can only carry one so far. In an effort to make daily services more sought-after by those on a higher academic level, companies have created incentive plans to market to the college campus populations in particular.

Enter Spotify.

In an age where college students are notoriously broke and item prices are unnecessarily inflated, there is a clear need to maximize the bare minimum.

As 2015 rapidly comes to a close, the term “Spotify” is essentially in the mainstream vernacular. Yet as true as this may be, there are still some features to this hi-fi music streaming service that aren’t as well-known.

There are one of two tiers of membership an individual can sign up for when creating a Spotify account; free and premium. A free membership with Spotify limits you on the freedom to play whatever, whenever; this experience is laced with a wide assortment of audio advertising.

On the other hand, a premium membership gives you the freedom to be your personal DJ. This immediately enhances your ad-free experience with the ability to save songs for when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

The catch with a Spotify premium membership is its monthly fee: $9.99. Before you check out on the mention of money, let’s talk through this. Having millions of songs, perfectly curated playlists–UC Record Picks of the Week, anyone?–as well as a stress-free user experience at your disposal is quite the array of benefits. Having these benefits available 24/7 for only $10 a  month is a steal.

But wait, there’s more!

With Spotify Premium, students get a 50 percent discount. Budgeting $5 for quality music service is beyond affordable–I’m looking at you, Unionites! This, in and of itself, tops the many reasons why Spotify beats out latecomer Apple Music and Beats Music–pun intended.

I recommend using Spotify for the meticulously curated “radio” feature for whatever you may be in. It soars over Pandora by far since it is developed by people and not algorithms. It also has a really great running feature for mobile, which can go by your pace and music preference.

Most of all, it’s affordably priced premium membership will definitely prove that less truly is more.

AJ Valcin is a super senior who enjoys communicating and contemplating. Every state he has lived in begins with the letter “N.” He is the most obsessive music nerd you may know, and anything involving vanilla ice cream and gummy treats are his weaknesses. AJ also wants you to “download my mixtape, bruh.” - a Soundcloud exclusive under the alias “A2nelito.”