ASB Barn Party confirms fall’s arrival

Live music uplifted the mood at ASB Barn Party. | PC: Zach Morrison

Live music uplifted the mood at ASB Barn Party. | PC: Zach Morrison

The atmosphere was one of enjoyment and almost childish adventure as the barn began filling with people for the highly anticipated ASB Barn Party on Oct. 29.

Put together by Union College’s ASB, the preparation for an event such as this is massive. Studio art major and senior Hannah Ashburn is the social vice president for ASB, and consequently in charge for the bulk of the event. Ashburn says that trips to Sam’s Club are always in order for events and that making lists are the key to planning, especially for something as unique as a barn party. “I’ll remember to rent the cotton candy machine, get enough food, pay the band, get lights... But somehow I always forget trash bags…” she said.  

Her preparation definitely paid off; the barn party was a packed evening of fun.

This event was held off campus at Prairie Creek Inn. When first entering the barn sight of about 100 college kids primarily dressed in plaid milled around, sipping at hot cider or licking their fingers clean of the caramel dripping from glorious red apples. The line for candy corn, caramel apples, cotton candy and nachos wrapped around inside the building.

The top of the barn featured donut-eating games and spots to hangout and watch the makeshift stage where the live band sung songs like “Jolene.”

But those weren’t the only activities students could participate in. For example, located outside was the shooting range and pumpkin carving.

Pumpkin carving consistently drew the most people throughout the night, and as a bonus the three best carvings won prizes of $20-$40. Graphic design major and sophomore Leliah Dubreuze won second place and said, “The best part of pumpkin carving is throwing seeds at people!”

Hayrides were the highlight of the barn party, the ride lists filling up quickly. For those who wanted the bonfire and s’mores experience, it was the perfect way to end the night. Riding on bales of hay and singing “Lean On Me” created a worthwhile memory.

Ashburn summarized the experience with her favorite part of the night: “The live band, and of course the cotton candy!”

All in all, it was an awesome barn party reminding us why we love fall.

Mayline Graham is a sophomore studying international relations.