Bongo ball fills Thunderdome with fun for ASB mystery night

Bongo ball blends nerf gun with paintball for a fun, safe activity. | PC: Autumn Mott

Bongo ball blends nerf gun with paintball for a fun, safe activity. | PC: Autumn Mott

After an energetic evening of battle, Mile High Magic emerged victorious from the ASB Bongo Ball event in the Thunderdome on Saturday night.

The game began with 16 teams, with names ranging from Neon Squirrels to Hot Shots. As the teams worked their way through the brackets, they refined their skills and quickly developed strategies to keep their lead.

Bongo ball was fairly straightforward: two teams of four players engaged in battles of elimination. The battle arena (aka the gym floor) was composed of inflated barriers and scattered ammunition. Although the guns and protective gear were provided up front, the teams had to collect ammo from the arena.

There were only four rules to the game: stay on your side of the court, no point-blank shots, if the ball bounces it’s dead, and no head shots. Oh, and have fun. Each match was five minutes long, with a minute of over-time allotted for ties.

The teams competed with renewed energy until four remained: Mile High Magic, Rolling Thunder, Maximum Firepower and Who Shot Ya?

Adrenaline pumped as “Eye of the Tiger” blared from the speakers. Crouched behind the barriers, the players scouted out targets while glancing around for spare ammo (nerf-like balls).

The final game was between Mile High Magic and Maximum Firepower. “The Final Countdown” rang out as the foam balls flew. Although both teams fought hard, Mile High Magic ultimately gained the upper hand.

After they posed for group pictures, I was able to ask members of Mile High Magic how they felt the games went:

“I think it went really well. It was a lot of fun!”

“My right hand was shaking the entire time, but it was super fun!”

Autumn Mott is a sophomore studying communication