Camo is the new black

“The midwest has blessed me with great friends and unforgettable relationships” by Tiny Moving Parts [“Dakota”] has been going through my head my entire time at basic. Let’s be real, I miss my Union College family. Shooting guns and running everyday is fun and all but nothing is better than hanging in the cafe with my homies.

Union College is a great, but being in college things will start to weigh down on you. Every once in awhile you gotta find your azimuth or the reason why you came. School will get hard. And you will question why you even came to school.

Which is what I did.

Find purpose in life, fam. Live life in a way that will make you happy. What makes me happy? Spending time with people, pop-punk, and Chipotle.

But on a serious note, you aren’t always going to be happy. Like the band The Wonder Years said, “It’s not about forcing happiness; it’s about not letting the sadness win.” Keep your heads up fam.


Rudy and my battle buddy Carl.


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