Expressify your first date outfit

First impressions on first dates don’t only have to do with what you say, but also what you wear. The clothes you have on can say a lot about who you are as a person, so it’s important to represent yourself on a first date with the perfect outfit that screams, “This is me!”

Outfits that compliment who you are don’t always do the same for someone else. A hipster individual might not wear a little black dress and red pumps on their first date because that wouldn’t represent who he or she is.

When picking an outfit for your first date, you want to make sure you aren’t trying to be someone else. You were asked out because YOU are you. Your date wants to take YOU out.

So, don’t try to dress in a way that wouldn’t express who you are. The first date is easily the most important one. Show your love interest and personality through the outfit you wear.

For example, I would probably wear jeans, a nice shirt and riding boots and have my hair in curls because it shows that I am a casual person, yet I like to dress up.

For Stuart Nelson, a freshman, his ideal first date attire would be “faded blue jeans and a plaid button-up shirt with the top two buttons undone.”

But, he doesn’t stop there.“The plaid should be in medium rich colors and limited to two or three shades to prevent a ‘busy’ pattern. Also, a  good ankle high boot in brown in a toffee or coffee shade. It gives a nice, soft but still fashionably sensible look to impress her while not making her focus on only the clothes.”

He continued by saying, “I would wear these outfits because they show sophistication as well as projecting a soft and welcoming feel. When I go on a first date, I want to tell as much about me as I can with a single look. If I go in all black I might look good, but it could have a harsh feel and immediately, subconsciously, put her off right from the start. Context is everything.”

Nelson, in my opinion, has it right. Wear your personality! You want your date to get an idea of who you are in just one glance.

If you are a country guy who wears cowboy boots, button-up shirts and snug jeans, don’t wear a four-piece suit. What you wear says a lot about who you are and will help the other person understand you better. If you try to hide who you are through what you wear, you are cheating yourself—and your date.

When going on a date, how do you want to be perceived? Sloppy hair, stained shirt, or jewelry that takes over your appearance don’t usually flaunt your best features. Dress for success.

Think of your date as an interview. I’m not saying you have to wear business attire. I’m saying that in order to have some respect, you need to dress the part.

For women, showing skin by wearing low cut shirts and tight little skirts doesn’t necessarily make a guy like you for who you are. Showing less will get you noticed for the important things. Present yourself to your date as someone who is interested in getting to know you and genuinely would like to get to know each other.

For men, it’s hard to say no to wearing that favorite shirt with a screen print of Marilyn Monroe’s face on it, but how would your date perceive you? Wear something that shows who you are in a simple way that won’t offend her.

The most important factor to keep in mind on your first date is to be yourself.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not because that will rob you of finding your soulmate— potentially. Dress to impress and surely you will gain at least a friend, if not that special someone.

Roxi Peterson is a senior Communications major.