“Gilmore Girls” back again on Nov. 25

No judgement to those binge watching all seven seasons before the event. | PC: digitalspy.com

No judgement to those binge watching all seven seasons before the event. | PC: digitalspy.com

Netflix recently announced that a four episode reboot season of “Gilmore Girls” will debut Nov. 25.  Entitled “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” each episode will depict a season in the lives of the original characters, Lorelai and Rory.

“Gilmore Girls”  aired  between 2000 and 2007 for a total of seven seasons. The show followed a mother and daughter pair, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (played by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel), as they navigated through school, love, work and life in a small town in Connecticut.  

The seventh and final season came abruptly and as a disappointment to many of the show’s fans, in part because the show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, no longer had creative license over the show’s direction.

“Gilmore Girls” ended with Lorelai and Luke (Scott Paterson) finally getting back together and Rory rejecting a proposal. Rory had also been offered a job covering Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Original creator Sherman-Palladino and her husband are again in charge of the production, and fans hope the duo will revive the much loved show to redeem its abrupt ending.

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and many other favorite characters on the show will be returning. Melissa McCarthy recently confirmed her role as Lorelai’s friend Sookie. Sean Gunn, brother of “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn, will be appearing in his former role as local “idiot” Kirk Gleason. Even Jared Padelecki will be joining the set as Dean Forester, Rory’s old flame.

The show appears to be set in present day, nine years after the finale of the original show. Teasers and photos from the new season confirm Rory is now a teacher and Lorelai and Luke are still going strong.

The original show had a large following, and all seven seasons were added to Netflix in October 2014. The show was popular because it portrays life, not glossing over the more harsh parts, but instead embracing both the trials and joys of simply living life. Everything in the show is realistic, and the characters seem quicker, wittier and more real than static fictional characters. The show offers an attainable  ideal, and a look at an everyday slice of America.

Hailey Hornbeck, a sophomore elementary education major, hypothesized that these four episodes will provide closure to the fans. Sherman-Palladino will finally be revealing the mythic final four words absent in the season seven finale. Fans of the show will finally be able to rest easy knowing the Gilmore girls have received their proper ending.

While “Gilmore Girls” is a show from another time, it contains timeliess qualities. Witty banter, pop culture references, and struggles in life and love seem to never grow old with Lorelai and Rory. Hopefully come Nov. 25, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” will uphold the ideals and timeless themes present in the original show.

Sara Roberts is a junior studying business administration.