InSpire magazine seeks worship songwriters

Aspiring Adventist songwriters rejoice! A new opportunity has arisen for you to create the next big song in Christian worship music.  

Between January 7 and March 24, inSpire, a web community where Seventh-day Adventist members passionate about the creative arts can share their ideas and creations in a collaborative way, will be taking MP3 submissions of completely original, well-recorded songs. Winners will receive an iPad mini, cash rewards and have a chance to record at Turning Point Studios at Heritage Ranch in Placerville, California.

I spoke with AJ Valcin, a senior communications major, is working on a song in collaboration with Debbie Pinto, a junior elementary education major, and Setheesh Moturi, a sophomore math and religion education major. He’s excited for an opportunity to create a never-before-heard song.

“Debbie Pinto brought it up in conversation,” commented Valvin.

“I then thought to myself of how it would be a good idea to start working on a song that would break the mold on what ‘Christian music’ is. That evening, I started working on producing a track, in collaboration with fellow Unionites.”

Curious, I asked Valcin what triggered this inspiration; was there a life event, a Bible verse or personal experience that has helped this writing process along? Valcin said the lyrics weren’t quite there yet, but that he had in fact been inspired.

“I want to make the song a prayer of triumph—notwithstanding life's trials. Think of the turning point in Job's life (namely, Job 1:21 and 13:15), think ‘Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)’ by Hillsong United,” said Valcin,  “This is such an important prayer to keep close to our hearts throughout this earthly existence, and I hope that whatever comes of it lyrically in terms of the end result is a worthy contribution to that conversation.”

Valcin ultimately hopes this song can help inspire people to make it through life’s ups and downs and help them know that there is Someone bigger out there to help.

No matter the outcome, Valcin says that he’s hopeful that their music will touch others.

“I'd like to hope that our entry and its vision get a worthy look, so here's to hope.”

For entry guidelines and more information on how to enter visit:

Graci Escobar is a junior English major with an emphasis on speaking and writing. She loves cats, napping, reading, cuddling cats, browsing independently unpublished stories, binge-watching Netflix, and petting cats. Born and raised here in Lincoln, Graci would love to see the ocean more than seven times and hopes to one day hug every cat in the world.