Last chance at the presidential facts

Donald Trump | PC:

Donald Trump | PC:

This presidential election has already earned itself a large paragraph in future history books. Full of unexpected twists and turns, it has often been compared to TV soap dramas, and we’re all wondering how the season finale will play out.

Well, guess what? You actually have a say in the matter. Hopefully, you’ve registered to vote or have applied for your absentee ballot. (It’s actually quite easy. Just Google “absentee ballot [your home state]” and it’s laid out in simplified steps.)

With the election only a week away, here’s your last chance at acquainting yourself with the different policies of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Gary Johnson. They’re the candidates for the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties, respectively.

Before we start, the facts stated below are just that: facts. They don’t reflect my opinions or the opinions of The Clocktower. I’ve gathered the following information from either the candidate's own website, or third-party sources that claim to be unbiased (citations at the bottom). Also, this list of policies is definitely not extensive ... my word count is a bit restrictive.

Now get out there and vote responsibly. Again, this list is nowhere near comprehensive, and I encourage you to do further research. But, I hope I’ve  provided a general overview of the candidates in the 2016 presidential election.


Gary Johnson | PC: thelibertarianrepublic

Gary Johnson | PC: thelibertarianrepublic


Trump wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, increase the enforcement of immigration laws and focus on hiring American workers.

Hillary intends to introduce immigration reform and change detention policies.

Johnson wants focus on making a more effective system for obtaining work visas.


Global Warming

Trump believes global warming is a hoax and wants to make America energy independent, along with “conserv[ing] our natural habitats, reserves and resources.”

Hillary wants to “defend, implement, and extend smart pollution and efficiency standards.”

Johnson isn’t concerned about climate change specifically, but instead wants to focus on “how we can protect our resources and environment for future generations.”


Gun Rights

Trump is a strong backer of the second amendment. He also believes we need to “fix our broken mental health system.”

Hillary wants more regulations on gun sales, such as stronger background checks and a stricter assault weapons ban.

Johnson believes Americans will be safer if guns are more readily available. Even to those on terrorist watch lists.



Trump will “repeal and replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts,” which are tax-advantaged medical savings accounts. He will also “allow people to purchase insurance across state lines” and create a “dynamic market.”

Hillary will “defend and expand the Affordable Care Act” and bring down out-of-pocket costs.

Johnson’s stand on healthcare isn’t widely publicised, but from what I can find, he believes the cost of healthcare is out of control, and that it shouldn't be provided primarily through the government.


Hillary Clinton | PC:

Hillary Clinton | PC:


Trump was once pro-choice, but is now pro-life, with the exception of rape, incest or life of mother.

Hillary is firmly pro-choice. She believes the right to abortion empowers women.

Johnson is politically pro-choice but personally pro-life.


Tax Policies

Trump wants to reduce taxes for all, but especially for the middle and working class.

Hillary wants to increase taxes on the wealthy.

Johnson wants to replace all income and payroll tax with a single consumption tax.


Minimum Wage

Trump has contradicted himself on his stance concerning minimum wage, but he believes states should set the minimum.

Hillary wants to increase the federal minimum wage to $12.

Johnson want to abolish the minimum wage.


Marijuana Legalization

Trump is in favor of medical marijuana.

Hillary is in favor of medical marijuana.

Johnson wants to legalize marijuana.



Autumn Mott is a sophomore studying communication.