Letter from the Editor

Greetings Union,

Welcome to the end of the semester. A time of tears, frantic pleas for extra credit, crazy studying and way too much coffee.

If you’re anything like the average college student, right now you’re jacked up on way too much caffeine and way too little sleep. You haven’t gone to the gym in days, even weeks, and your social life is a long forgotten memory.

Well, this isn’t healthy. I know, that’s obvious. You’ve heard it before. But honestly, Union, we need to do a better job of taking care of ourselves.

Here are 5 things I do to help me feel like a boss in the weeks to come while still keeping my sanity.

  1. Go to bed at a set time, wake up at a set time. It’s magical. Well, actually, scientific. Your body will feel so rested if put on a schedule, and this will prevent you from getting like one and a half hours of sleep because Netflix. Right now, I’m going to bed at 12:30 am and waking up at 8:15 am. My body automatically starts shutting down around midnight, and by eight I’m stirring around in bed, usually feeling rested.
  2. Get rid of Netflix for the month. I haven’t done this because like five other people use my Netflix and I’m not the devil. But honestly, watching TV will suck the creativity out of you, which you need for those enriching (ridiculous) papers due in two weeks. Also, you’ll find you actually have so much free time. Maybe read a book instead? Okay, too far.
  3. Eat breakfast. Everyone and their mom has probably told you this already, but seriously, do it. And not just any breakfast. (I ate Captain Crunch donut flavored cereal this morning. Fail.) Eat a banana and a scrambled eggs. Or a yogurt and some oatmeal. Your body will say thank you and your brain will perform at 105% capacity.
  4. Leave your phone at home. Well, not literally obviously. But if you’re studying in the library, leave your phone at the front desk. Or give it to a friend. Or hide it in the depths of your backpack. Phones are such a distraction, and let’s be real, no one is going to call you anyway. So put the phone out of reach and get crackin’ on that homework.
  5. Say bye to your boo. I can’t study with Doug. I just can’t. He’s a constant distraction. And he can’t study with me. All I do is talk, talk, talk. So, when I need to get things done, I’ll do them in the morning, when he’s busy living life. I know, homework and studying just seems better when you have a pretty face too look at. But that C will feel like death when it goes on your transcript, so give your person a kiss goodbye and go get those As.

Alright people, let’s get to it. And if you need a study break, just pick up a Clocktower for some laid back reading and Sudoku solving. Just kidding. But really.