Letter to the Editor - Cainan Ming

As a Campus Ministries worker I am a little confused about the criticism that appeared in the “Fire and Brimstone” column last week. The author stated, “I imagined Campus Ministries to be engaged in evangelism.” The definition of evangelism is the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness.

First, the author didn't elaborate on our "failures." Was he upset about us not preaching in public or personal witnessing?

Second, Campus Ministries gives a list to opportunities for all students to participate in. We have made it no secret to students that we are open to ideas and will listen and act upon them. There are 35 people who work in Campus Ministries, and even though we aren't able to ask every student on campus if they are willing to step up in ministry, we keep our doors open so ideas can enter.

Then, the author wrote, "I even started writing sermons for a series thinking somewhere down the line the religion/theology students will be asked to step up.” If he wanted to present these topics all he had to do was enter Campus Ministries and ask.

A major point of Campus Ministries is community service. We ask students to go and volunteer at houses for people who need our assistance. Through that we are able to witness to others and show a friendly face. These volunteer opportunities happen every week.

As I close out, I would like the author to come into Campus Ministries and talk to us, about what he thinks we can improve on and how we can come to some sense of agreement. As I said earlier, I am confused at his claim because he didn't elaborate. Hopefully we can talk about it together.

-Cainan Ming, Sophomore, Outreach Coordinator, “About the ‘Adventist’ Part”