Pizza and logic

Column like I see ‘em

This is an open letter to the people in life governed by logic.

I was writing a completely different article this week, quite noticeably behind schedule, when I went to the caf with my roommate to get some pizza.

He went for the alfredo pizza. I mentioned in passing that without the tomato sauce, it seemed more like a triangular cheesy bread.

I marveled at that thought.

How clever! Next week I could write about my thoughts on pizza! Easy money!

At the cash register, I mentioned at how much I enjoyed pineapple pizza. The grilled fruit makes such a decadent topping: juicy, sweet, and sometimes sour. It couples so well with the cheesy goodness I've loved for years.

It was then brought to my attention what another patron had mentioned while I dreamed of foods drifting just outside my reach.

“Pineapple pizza is illogical.”

I was aghast. My favorite pizza? Illogical?! Blasphemy!

It's true, sweet and savoury flavors are opposite, and it doesn't exactly make sense that they go well together, but you know what? They do. It's illogical and delicious.

Chicken and waffles. Cinnamon rolls and chili. Cheesecake. None of these makes sense, but they’re so, so good.

And so it is with life!

Is it logical that a man sees some lady he’s never seen before, and pushes aside every instinct screaming at him to turn and run just to speak to her?

Nope. And yet babies are birthed on the reg.

Is it logical to spend an entire day ignoring responsibilities in order to enjoy a pleasant day lakeside, enjoying the company of friends and refreshing carbonated liquid heaven?

Of course not. We could be working double time, making profit for days. We could have cured cancer already if not for paid vacation and angry birds.

Is pleasure reasonable?

In a totally logical world, yes, there would be no war, scientific progress would be exponential and we would all eat little slow release nutrient pills with the exact vitamins and calories necessary to exist.

But gone would be the spark that makes life worthwhile.

Passion, art and the beauty of thrusting headfirst towards the enjoyment of life even at the cost of efficiency and logic are what make our dreary life of work and suffering something to stick by and bleed for. It makes everything worth it.

My uncle used to tell me life is pain, and then you die.

That's true, but there's also ping pong and pineapple pizza to ease the journey.

Kevin Niederman is a junior studying nursing.