Power in print

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’re one of the dwindling percentage of college students who actually read their school newspaper. Power in print

I get it. Sometimes finding time for breathing is difficult. Snapchat and Buzzfeed fit our instant needs and short attention spans. But even with all these circumstances fighting against, I believe in the power behind print. I wouldn’t have my job if I didn’t.

You too should care about your school newspaper. Why? Because as a Union student, what’s put between these pages is relevant—to you. All our articles are written by students for students (with the rare exception). We deliver articles that deal with campus, community and world conversations.

I’ve delayed publishing this first issue because of the quality I want to see as we begin. Here’s to the 91st edition; by God’s grace I want to see this paper do good things for the its staff and readers.

Whether you’re a freshman finding their footing, a sophomore/junior settling into the swing of things, or a senior ready to get out into the real world—The Clocktower is for you. I hope you’ll see the importance of a school paper this year, too.

You, even as a reader, can have a voice. Write letters to the editor, call us out on mistakes or ask to write an article on something you’re passionate about. Email and tell me what news, columns or conversations you want to see in print.

Or, just read. Read online (clocktower.ucollege.edu), on Facebook (clocktowerasb) or look out for the print edition on campus.

However you prefer, thank you for reading The Clocktower. I can’t wait to hear what articles you enjoy most this year.

Emily "Emy" Wood is a senior studying communication.