Talk with your Senators … they don’t bite!

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ASB Senate has been hard at work these past few months to improve campus life. Nov. 9’s meeting was filled with discussion concerning proposed bills from curfew extensions to caf hours and everything in between.

During the meeting, the senators were encouraged to connect with their districts. Senators are assigned for each hall in the dorms, with three senators for village students. It’s important the student body know their senators, because they’re the students who can help make change happen.

I spoke with freshman English language arts education major Ashley Bower, who represents Rees 2nd west, and she stressed the importance of talking with one’s senator. “We can’t do anything unless we know what people want,” she explained, elaborating, “and we don’t know what people want unless talk to us! If there’s a lot of suggestions and a lot of talk, ideas always being thrown out there, then we can come up with something good to help change our school.”  

Sophomore aspiring nursing major Jeremy Janke, who represents village students, puts it this way: “Think of your senator as someone you can rant to about how bad or good Union is, without the awkward confrontation of talking to someone in administration. If your complaint is legitimate, your senator might just be able to help fix it.

In other words, if you think there should be more vending machines in the dorms, or if you’re upset that a plate of pasta and sauce costs $6.78 in the caf, talk with your senators! They’re the ones who can make change happen.

Since our brains are always overloaded, especially as finals approach, included below is a list of the senators and their respective districts.


Prescott Hall

2nd floor: Brandyn Reeves

3rd floor: Wesley Rodriguez

4th floor: Jean Christian Toure

5th floor: Leyberth Rosendo

6th floor: Jonathan Deemer

7th floor: Armando Jimenez


Rees Hall

1st east: Laurenlee Meadows

2nd east: Caroline Guchu

2nd west: Ashley Bower

3rd east: Michelle Thompson

3rd west: Roxanna Vasques

4th east: Chloe Blackburn

4th west: Katie Buxton


Culver Hall

1st floor: John Michael Sagarra

2nd floor: Isaiah Delarmente

3rd floor/Rees annex: Bailey Dehning



Jeremy Janke

Jose Quispe

Kendrick Froemming

Autumn Mott is a sophomore studying communication.