Victory in the supernatural

Following the Call

It was sometime in the middle of first semester, with the weather turned cool, when I had the dream.

I was in a large, well-lit basement. Moving a box across the room, I was startled as part of the brick wall I was heading for started to crumble inward. It was as if something were pushing through.

As the hole grew and the darkness behind it became a gaping mouth, I felt fear course through me. The darkness was thick and evil, and I couldn’t escape. It was pulling me inward and I was helpless …

Awaking abruptly, my eyes flew open. My heart was pounding in my chest. What was that? I tried to calm myself down, but it didn’t work. My spiritual senses were on edge. Tendrils of the darkness I had felt in my dream were still present.

I didn’t know why, because my roommate and I kept far away from anything even hinting of evil. Regardless of the source, I knew there was only one way to handle it.


Rolling onto my stomach, I bowed my head. Send Your angels here to fight against the darkness, Lord. Drive it away, in Jesus’ name. Your blood covers us and we claim it.

Five minutes’ petition and the feeling was gone. It didn’t return.

About this time of year, people start their yearly dabble with the occult. Shoppers browse witch’s hats, severed body parts and decor suggesting decay and death. Gruesome characters splay across store windows and front yards.

The theme is dark, but the atmosphere is light and festive. Celtic and European traditions such as dressing up in costume and going door to door make the holiday seem innocent. “Seem” is the right word.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find Jesus celebrating “familiar spirits” and death.

The Bible is cohesively clear about the dead. They aren’t active, and won’t rise until the end of time. So why do we mess around with things focused around the supernatural? Because we don’t know the truth about what they really are?

There is a battle going on.

I’ve gotten tastes of it. I’ve read about it. If you’re not convinced, try reading Roger Morneau’s “A Trip into the Supernatural.” As a high-standing member of an occultic group prior to converting to Adventism, he would know.

We’re dealing with satanic spirits, and they’re dangerous.

Denying that this conflict, this enemy, exists is probably one of the worst things you can do. Just like ignoring a tornado doesn’t prevent it from reducing your room to rubble, ignoring the spiritual battle doesn’t keep you safe from it. Actually, you become a target.

One approach Satan might take is to allow you to continue to believe he and his angels don’t work in this world. The farther you get down this path, the less you care about fighting. You don’t pray. You don’t stand up to him working. You're no obstacle to him, and actually get in the way of those who do fight. He's content with that.

Another approach Satan might take is to give you supernatural experiences you can’t possibly deny. If it strikes fear into you and you feel helpless, he has obtained more power in your life.

If you become convinced by the experience and begin to believe the testimony of the spirit that appeared to you, he has also gained power. It's an almost irresistible delusion, and you'll eventually believe him over the Bible.

We don’t have to be subject to either of these. Grounded in the Word and strong in prayer, we can acknowledge the dark spiritual realm and be ready for supernatural encounters when they come. When, not if. Especially in these last days.

The same night I had my dream, my roommate had one as well. She was in an elevator, falling, and also felt a dark, evil presence. When she jerked awake, she still sensed it. Prayer brought the same results.

The blood of Jesus Christ has broken the power of the devil. Jesus will protect us from evil angels if we walk in Him. He will banish an evil presence when we call on Him. He will come through when we rebuke evil in His name.

The victory is real.

Ginger Hany is a senior studying biomedical science.