What I love about Union College students - Dr. Becker

Dr. Becker


Every time I attend a conference or a meeting with my peers and we discuss what’s going on at other campuses–I’m reminded that I love Union College students. I feel grateful to have been able to work with Union students for the past 15 years. And just what is it that I love about Union students?

I love the humor Union students show in their daily lives: like listing a friend’s number instead of your own during Talent Show while you are ostensibly collecting data for Reagan’s Top Five. I bet you loved this Kyle Smith!

Or the times a couple of you decided Sameera needed to be scared to death most days that she worked in Student Services, so you stealthily opened the door to the office and then yelled like the end of the world was at hand. It may have been good for Samantha’s young heart, but I came fairly close to a heart attack.

You all help to keep life light and lively, even on cloudy cold days!

I also love the positive outlook most of you exhibit. You are looking forward to the day when you will have completed your education and you will change the world! You’re not daunted by a shocking blast of cold wind, or a poor score on a quiz–because tomorrow is going to be better.  And you set out to make it a better day. It’s so refreshing to hear your thoughts about what tomorrow will be like.

I know the world is going to be a better place because you have great ideas, endless energy and wisdom.  

I love your heart for God and for each other! You teach me about God’s love every day. I see God in the way you help each other out. When I had snow and ice covering my car last winter, two of you stopped to help me clean the ice off my windshield!

I’ve seen you take your precious money to help refugees, orphans or someone you know doesn’t have shampoo or laundry money. I’ve also seen you pray for someone who was just the friend of a friend. You didn’t really know them, but you could see that your friend cared about them. They needed your prayers and you were there to carry their burden and make their load lighter.   

This particular group of students, faculty and staff won’t be together next year. I can’t wait to see you all again, maybe in heaven! You have written on the pages of my heart and I am grateful for the smiles that will remain there because of you! That’s what I love about Union College students!