You’re dating a music major? Dating experiences across the majors

Different majors bring various options to their dating styles. PC: Zach Morrison

Different majors bring various options to their dating styles. PC: Zach Morrison

As college students, our attention is pulled in a million different directions. Two of these are school and significant others. Your choice of major can influence every part of life, including your love life. How might a relationship look along the way?

The beginning of a relationship is magical. You meet someone new and something just hits you. First impressions tell a lot about the future and how better to make a first impression than your skills with children?

Cody Cowin, a senior elementary education major, included this on his long list of reasons girls should be interested. “We’re a rare and exotic breed, well-read (in children’s literature) and sharply dressed,” he says. “We can make crafts on the fly and that teacher’s salary, am I right! I could definitely provide for a family with that subsidy.”

Juggling homework and asking someone out can be hard … so why not mix the two? Computing majors can easily express affection through a few keystrokes. Yafet Woldegabriel, a senior math and computing major, says he could find a way to utilize his class skills in his quest for love by hacking into her computer to leave a love note or a video of him asking “Will you be my girlfriend?” What a great way to get extra credit!

Once in a relationship, you need to set aside quality time to keep the relationship healthy.

Exercise science majors are great at this. Not only are they all about health of mind and body but their homework gives plenty of opportunity for one-on-one interaction. Piettra De Almeida, a freshman exercise science major, suggests late night runs or other couple-friendly forms of exercise. “We could eat lots of healthy snacks, like veggie sticks and ranch,” she says. “We could study the physical body too.”

If you’re interested in a nursing major or a physician’s assistant student, make sure you’re okay with dating an invisible person. These students are busy with studying and clinicals. On the topic of studying, consider Zak Luke, a senior biomedical science major; he’ll need someone to cover for him on coffee shop dates while he awkwardly studies Ps and Vs.

Those medical pictures aren’t PG.

Sometimes relationships work out, but unfortunately, we’re college students; we break up. Be ready for fewer park trips if you break up with an international rescue and relief student. Obviously, you won’t be enjoying the hammock and slack line life on Sabbath afternoons anymore.

Music majors might approach a break-up with some dramatic flair. Daniel Ikpeama, a senior music major, has quite the elaborate plan to dump his unlucky lady. After speaking with his orchestra cohorts and setting them up in a nice clearing at the park, he would take his soon-to-be ex on a walk.

“As we pass the musicians, they start playing Beethoven’s Fifth. You know the one,” he says. “The music intensifies so I say to her, ‘I got something to tell you.’ The music goes DUN DUN DUN DUN and I say, ‘WE’RE THROUGH.’ Tough luck!”

As you can see, every stage of a relationship is full of creative opportunities. Try to express yourself and appreciate the talents and resources your major gives you, regardless of how much homework you were assigned this weekend.

Katie Morrison is a senior studying business administration