All mass emails to now go through SquirrelHUB

You'll still get emails, but opting out just got easier. | PC: Zach Morrison

You'll still get emails, but opting out just got easier. | PC: Zach Morrison

On Thursday night, Feb. 17, ASB Senate was able to talk with Richard Henriques, director of Information Systems, and Debbie Unterseher, associate professor of computing. They covered a wide range of topics, from wifi strength to outlets in classrooms. But, there was one issue that resonated strongly with all the senators: the volume of school emails received daily.

For the past couple years, Union sent out emails through two methods: SquirrelHUB and email lists. (If an email in your inbox had [your class standing] in the subject line, then it was sent from the email list.) But on March 1, the email lists were removed from the servers and all mass emails will now be directed through SquirrelHUB.

SquirrelHUB is what Union named its OrgSync network, which is an online community specifically designed for college campuses. On SquirrelHUB, different portals exist for clubs and campus departments, such as Campus Ministry or Student Health. The vision is that all departments, organizations, and clubs will use SquirrelHUB for any official communication. Also, Union’s events calendar is hosted through SquirrelHUB, so any events added in the portals will be added to the main calendar, allowing students to better plan their week.

In addition to posting updates and adding events, all mass emails will be sent from SquirrelHUB. Students will now have the option to turn off email notifications for any of the portals. However, while turning off all emails might seem like a good idea at first, it isn't recommended. Ryan Teller, the executive director of Integrated Marketing Communications, warns that if there’s an important message sent out, and you don’t receive it, then it’s on you for turning off your email notifications. “What I’m saying is, you can turn them off, but you probably don’t want to.”

However, there are some portals you might not want to always hear from, such as Marketplace or Intramurals. In that case, turning off email notifications will help keep your inbox looking neat. To adjust your email settings, go to either Union’s website or Portal and click on “SquirrelHUB,” then in the top right corner, click on your profile image. A panel displaying the OrgSync management area should pop out from the right side of the screen. At the bottom of the list is “Settings,” where you'll find all the options to adjust the notifications and emails you receive. If you’re a club officer who don’t know how to use SquirrelHUB, a student who is slightly confused or a faculty member who wants a refresher, Ryan Teller is offering a tutorial to anyone who needs one.