Applicable Apps for Students

Technology plays a major role in our schoolwork and social lives. While many are quick to point out the distractions it presents, it’s important to remember all of the help it can provide as well. Here are some apps that I’ve found can help make a student’s life just a bit easier to handle:

Alarmy: With over 1,000 5-star reviews, Alarmy lives up to its hype. What makes this alarm clock stand out among others is its difficulty to turn off. The alarm gives users the ability to choose different tasks that they must complete to stop the alarm’s ringing. Two of the most notable tasks are solving math problems (ranging from simple addition to advanced multiplication) and taking a picture of a pre-set object. Only the deletion of the app can turn off the alarms if the tasks aren’t completed. I’ve found this to be one of the most annoying alarm clocks I’ve ever used, and that’s exactly what I need to get to class on time. I can’t recommend this app enough!

Forest by Seekrtech: Unlike other apps that pride themselves on getting you to use your phone, this app prides itself on getting you away from it. Forest’s purpose is to keep you from distracting yourself with your phone. Users can “plant a seed” that will slowly grow to a tree as long as your phone remains untouched during the specified amount of time. You can also use the rewards from your virtual trees to help support Trees for the Future, a program that helps plant real trees in East and West Africa.

Plant Nanny: Not only can virtual plants help you to concentrate, they may be able to help you develop healthier habits. Plant Nanny reminds you to drink enough water each day by giving you a small, smiling plant that needs to be regularly watered as well. With each glass of water you drink, you’ll help your plant to grow. With each glass of water you neglect, you’ll witness your plant wither. The rewards in the app aren’t instant and the plants grow over the course of several days. Melia Nash, a junior nursing major, commented, “You better have lots of patience.”  This is a long-term app that you’ll likely find yourself using just for a few minutes each day. It’s simple and provides a cute, visual way to remember that your body needs water to feel its best. 

Quizlet: Have you ever found yourself in a situation wishing you’d brought along your textbooks or notes to study? If so, Quizlet may be the study app that you’ve been looking for. Quizlet allows you to make your own electronic flash cards that you can access anytime on your phone—no wifi necessary. Using matching games, tests and writing, this app helps you to really learn the material in a way that works best for you. The cards you make can also be shared with others as well, making it easy to exchange within study groups.


AllTrails: Sometimes, you just need to get off of campus and out into nature. This app is a great way to find new paths for Sabbath hikes. Using your location, AllTrails can find trails of varying difficulties nearby. Users of the app often submit pictures for those interested in trying out new trails, advising on the best times to embark on the hike and what times of the day are usually the busiest. Its user-friendly search filters will help you quickly find what kind of trail you’re looking for.

Amanda McCarter is a junior studying biomedical science.