91.15 ASB Convocation Town Hall Meeting November 2016

Your Questions/Comments Answered by Administration

Q. Are there plans to renovate the classrooms and departments in the Dick Building?
A. There are 8 classrooms in the Dick Building slated for renovation over the next several years and phase I includes 2 classrooms. Funding for one renovation is fully in place, though the renovation plan may be changing in which case no cost estimates are known so we must wait for that information. But we'll keep seeking support so funding is available when the plan is ready. - LuAnn Davis

Q. When will full funds be provided to revamp the Campus Safety Program?
A. Not sure yet what would need revamping, but our new Security Officer has made many improvements and has a lot of ideas for positive change. - Steve Trana

Q. I heard if you don't spend all your caf money only $100 of it goes back to you. I think it should be whatever you did not spend should get back to you otherwise you're really just throwing away money like I don't understand.
A. One of the biggest challenges of operating the Union Market is to stock and prepare food on a continuous basis. Please keep in mind that Union Market is not a restaurant where only a very limited menu is offered. In order to operate with very extended hours and many menu options as the days and weeks progress, a meal plan is needed to simply open the Union Market and give students a variety of healthy, interesting food. Instead of raising the price of the meal plan to keep up with rising food costs, we chose to adjust what goes back to the student. When we study what other colleges are doing with meal plans, we find that students on other campuses are paying a lot more than at Union. Those that pay about the same are not getting as many meals a week (some plans limit the amount of times a student may eat in the dining hall a week.) We're trying to balance running a full-service cafeteria with lots of good food options and extended hours with an affordable plan. - Steve Trana

Q. Why does the cafeteria charge misc. fees; what are they for? It's unnecessary!
A. See comment above

Q. How can we improve the cafeteria food because it is real bad.
A. Pete is alway open to suggestions and positive feedback. Please keep in mind that your personal tastes are personal. - Steve Trana

Q. Why don't we have room service?
A. We could do a study on this, but I suspect that a college student's budget and idea of a tip would be prohibitive to this type of service. - Steve Trana

Q. I think all seniors should have the same amount of worship credits whether they live in the dorm or off campus. Also, as a senior you shouldn't have to tell the dean's where you are going all the time and if you are staying somewhere for the weekend and all that stuff and have to fill out leaves. Like they can chill about knowing where people are all the time. If someone goes missing I'm sure there friends will figure it out and get help.

A. Worships: We are currently reviewing our worship credits. Any suggestions that you have please send them to kim.canine@ucollege.edu.

Seniors in the Res Halls: If a student is living in a Residential Hall it is our obligation to know when a student is staying in the res hall or not. As to why we need to know where you are going, this is a service to you. True, many schools, outside the Seventh-day Adventist colleges, don’t require this. Our campus does this in case of emergencies. If a tragedy occurs in your family and they’re not able to reach you, our team has another resource on how to find you. - Kim Canine and Rich Carlson