Hot Spot Stop

We asked humans of Union College what their favorite places in Lincoln are and why. These are their responses.

Blue Orchid. It’s tight. 10/10. - John Luckiesh

My personal favorite place is the Haymarket. I have a lot of good memories of walking around with Courtney and friends there. It’s got a great atmosphere to it, and with the good food and ice cream you can’t go wrong. - Cole Yeager

My favorite place is probably Holmes lake. I'm from the country so having a wide open space with trees reminds me of home. - Alex Tucker

I like downtown because there’s a lot of good food. - John Michael Sagarra

I'd say my favorite is probably trago park, I really like it because it’s really beautiful and has the downtown feel, but is also a park. - Kevin Svoboda 

My favorite place in Lincoln is the Gateway Mall! It's a nice place to shop and eat! - Marveen Gentillion 

I love the capitol! There’s something special about being able to see the city of Lincoln from way up high and view the beautiful artwork on the walls and tall ceilings. I feel at peace when I go, especially if I belt out a note or two when no one is looking to experience the acoustics. - Joslyn Lewis

I like Super Taco, for the authentic and cheap tacos. - Andrew Reed

I'd say the Haymarket Farmer's Market! It's a fun place to go with a group of friends and support local businesses in Lincoln! - Camille Darrell

I'd say the Haymarket Farmer's Market! It's a fun place to go with a group of friends and support local businesses in Lincoln! - Sara Allman 

Aldi's because they have great groceries for a great price!!! #notsponsored - Chase Wheeler

Alex Deapen and I love The Bay. It's a great place to study, chill, and even skateboard. They have good quality coffee and a wide space to study. - Chrissy Gaben

My favorite place in Lincoln is the corner of 13th and O street. That corner is the epitome of "big city, small town feel." On one side is Wells Fargo's regional headquarters but in the other side there are small startup businesses including my second favorite in-town fast food, Sultan's Kite, and the BEST juice shop in town, High Vibe Café. - Jean Étienne

I like Memorial Stadium. I love football and I think it's super cool that at full attendance, it becomes the third largest center of population in Nebraska. - Gabbi Mendoza 

Barnes and Nobles! Books + stationary + art supplies + planners + great places to just sit and watch life (and imagine when I'd be rich so I could buy everything in the store) = Tranquil happiness - Charmaine Gayle Ang

Memorial park in South 33rd. Good bike path, peaceful, nice scenery. - Renae Cross

The first thing that comes to mind is downtown. Just lots of good memories there. - Lenny Finn

Bluestem Books, a little secondhand bookshop downtown. The atmosphere is cozy, and they've got bookshelves stacked from floor to ceiling with some real reading gems. It doesn't hurt that the prices are pretty low too. I even found a book I needed for a class there! - Hannah Miraglia

So food wise, I love to go to Raising Cane's. Great bread and veggie chicken lol. I also really enjoy the atmosphere and music at Crescent Moon. I've played there with some different groups and it is just so fun to play there cuz ppl are about the music and just friendly staff. It's also underground so that's super cool. -J-fiah Reeves