Lincoln’s “Hidden Treasures”

There’s no playing it safe when it comes to Kitchen Sink Cookies and that’s exactly how they plan to keep it. | PC:

There’s no playing it safe when it comes to Kitchen Sink Cookies and that’s exactly how they plan to keep it. | PC:

While many joke there's nothing to do in Nebraska, Lincoln offers many unique experiences.
If craving something sweet, the Kitchen Sink Cookie Company is the place to go. The Kitchen Sink Cookie Company has some of the most unique cookies in Lincoln.

Some of their notable treats include the “Magic Lunchbox” made with peanut butter, chocolate chips, strawberries and Cheez-Its, the “Unemployment Sandwich” consisting of two cookies with burnt sugar baked into them held together with a molasses buttercream filling and the “Mexican Hot Chocolate,” a spicy chocolate cookie topped with cinnamon buttercream and toasted marshmallow.

Kitchen Sink Cookie Company can be found at 129 S. 27th Street and their website can be reached at

Nearly every first and fourth Saturday of the month, contra dancing is held at the Auld Recreation Center in Antelope Park. Contra dancing, similar to line dancing,  requires no previous experience. 

The dancing is open to all ages and admission for students is $5.00, which includes a short lesson from 7:00-7:30 p.m. before the official start, as well a free pass for first attendees’ next dance. The steps are easy to learn and taught before each dance. 

Melia Nash, a sophomore nursing major, recommends contra dancing to those just beginning. “The whole reason you have it there is to learn how [to dance],” she says. So come and bring friends for a fun night of dancing, snacks and live music. 

The Auld Recreation Center can be found at 1650 Memorial Dr. and their Facebook page can be found under the name of “Contra Dance of Lincoln, NE.”

Another interesting place to visit is Lincoln’s Licorice International. While a licorice store may not seem special, Licorice International offers nearly 160 types of licorice from different countries around the world, including licorice from Finland, France, Iceland, Germany, and Ireland. 

The shop offers many unique licorice treats that can't easily be found elsewhere. If licorice isn't a favorite, they also have fine chocolates and candy dishes. Licorice International can be found at 803 Q St. and their website is

Escape rooms are growing in popularity and Lincoln has several. Escape Lincoln is located in Haymarket on the lower level of the Apothecary building. Like many escape-themed video games, escape rooms create a real-life experiment. 

Participants have one hour to find clues and answer puzzles together in order to escape the room. Escape Lincoln offers three different themes: Asylum Escape, Retro Rush and Survival Scenario. Escape Lincoln can be found at 140 N. 8th St. and their website is

These are just a few of the many unique attractions that Lincoln has “hidden” within. Rather than settle for the “boring Nebraska stereotype,” find your own adventure. Explore the new and unique experiences Nebraska has to offer.

Amanda McCarter is a sophomore studying biomedical science.