New Year, New Sports.

Veet! Veet! PC: Integrated Marketing Commuications 

Veet! Veet! PC: Integrated Marketing Commuications 


Let me start by welcoming you to Union. I hope that you will enjoy your time here at this illustrious institution.

One of the ways to make your college experience extraordinary is to get yourself involved in the things you love. For me, that is, was and will always be sports.

If you’re like me, you probably came to Union expecting to play some intramurals or perhaps to join one of the teams.

However, Union has so much more to offer (as far as sports go) than just these activities.

From class games to a host of ASB events (ice skating, bubble soccer, world cup, dodgeball) to late night basketball and sunday morning football to the new outdoor student center to club events like mini golf and bowling, there is never a shortage of events with which to fill one’s time.

These have quickly become some of the activities I look forward to when I’m sitting in class or struggling through homework.

And while the events themselves are great, it’s the people that make them fantastic. It seems to me that most people have found a near-perfect balance of “I want to win, but if I lose, it’s not a big deal because I’ll still have fun with friends.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: if you have any reservations about your abilities or wonder if you’ll even enjoy the event, go anyway.

I don’t think you’ll regret it.

To everyone on campus

This Summer in Sports

Welcome back, all. In May, I had hoped this recap article would consist of crazy upsets and other wild sports moments from the summer. And while there was a lot of excitement, there was also a lot of predictability.

The Warriors won the NBA championship and the Penguins won the Stanley Cup. Both results were unsurprising at best, and neither series was all that thrilling.

In contrast, this summer was tremendous for baseball, and it certainly seems as though the sport is once again on the rise. Young players have taken over the game, old rivalries have been renewed and viewership is up in a variety of markets.

Preliminary coverage of the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor provided more entertainment than most reality shows. And though the result was as expected, the hype surrounding the fight was unlike any before it.

Golf’s majors were all filled with excitement and drama (I know, you probably don’t believe me). Three out of four saw a first-time major winner, and all four featured spectacular (and spectacularly poor) displays of golf.

There’s been a lot of drama surrounding free agency across all sports, but perhaps that’s best saved for another time.

Preseason football is winding down, and the optimism and excitement that comes with the start of a fresh season makes football’s opening weekend one of the most anticipated moments of the sports year.

Perhaps the best part about this summer in sports was Lavar Ball. His arrogant predictions and over-the-top personality created some of the most popcorn-worthy moments of the summer. It’s certainly going to be entertaining to continue following his media interactions through the coming years.

Over the summer, sports had its ups and downs. But now we’re on to new seasons and new opportunities.

I look forward to sharing this year in sports with all of you.

Tyler Dean is a junior studying business administration.