Pepe’s Bistro offers vegetarian options in downtown Lincoln

Fierro Pepe of Pepe’s Bistro, the man, the myth, the legend. | PC: Zach Morrison

Fierro Pepe of Pepe’s Bistro, the man, the myth, the legend. | PC: Zach Morrison

A passion for serving others in the community and living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and vegetarian Mexican food are what originally inspired Pepe Fierro to open his own restaurant. Coincidentally named after himself, Fierro opened Pepe’s Bistro in the summer of 2008. To keep up with demand, this vegan and gluten free restaurant moved to its current location in the Haymarket this past August.

“I’ve always been a vegetarian. I decided to create a job for myself with the things that I love, and that’s how I decided to create Pepe’s Bistro,” explains Fierro. “I first started off down by Cornhusker Highway but as the demand for vegetarian food became more popular, I moved here (the Haymarket).”

Although the idea of vegetarian Mexican food isn’t too common, staying close to the ideas he loves are what fuel Fierro for running his one man operation. His business began in Havelock, a small community located by Cornhusker Highway. 

As the restaurant became more popular, Fierro needed a bigger space to grow.

Since moving, business has improved greatly for Fierro. “I’m always busy with the amount of people who come through, considering the new location.” Of course, the unique, home-cooked options also bring people, or what Fierro calls a close-knit community, through his door. 

Having a great sense of community is important to Fierro, who also works to build close ties to the people who run the farmers markets. 

Pepe’s Bistro can be found on P St. Pepe’s large hand-drawn menu of the different varieties of tacos, sandwiches and burritos can be easily spotted from the entrance of Indigo Bridge Books.

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Caroline Guchu is a sophomore studying communication.