Senate Soccer Bill Succeeds

The student senators passed their first bill! Nathanael Torres wrote a bill for those who strongly believe that there should be a guaranteed time to play the beloved sport of soccer. 
The bill outlined that there should be about two days where soccer players can have time to practice their skills in the Thunderdome. 
After presenting his bill, the senators voted unanimously for this to go through to the next level the school administrators. 
In addition, a guest speaker was invited to present on the new projects going on around campus. 
Matthew Roque, our institutional researcher and part of the renovation team, presented the latest project: renovating the classrooms on the second floor in the Everett Dick Building. The renovation team hired architects for conceptual designs that can be implemented in the classrooms. 
One of the ideas proposed is to have floor to ceiling glass windows so that more natural light can enter the floor. 
Also in the plan is to have write-on walls in every classroom and include TV screens to replace the projectors. 
The student lounge on this floor is usually overlooked, but that is going to be revamped as well. 
The plan is to add a microwave, a sink, and more comfortable chairs and tables. 
Along with the second floor of the Dick Building, the amphitheater in the basement of the same building is another renovation project that will be happening soon. 
Their vision with the amphitheater in the basement is to add tables similar to the ones in the Lang Amphitheater in the Krueger Center and a “cloud” type ceiling instead of the grid tiles that are there currently. 
The new seating arrangement will decrease the capacity of people allowed in the amphitheater, but everyone will have adequate space to work. 
Looking into the future, the new recreational center is being planned out by the brilliant team of idealists on campus. 
New locker rooms and a full-sized court are only the beginning of the outline on the addition to Larson Lifestyle Center. 
Although the Thunderdome will stay standing, varsity sports will be moved to the center so that the visiting teams can use separate locker rooms than our team. 
In addition, the showers in the locker rooms will be transformed into stalls rather than the open area being used now. 
Amidst all of these changes on our campus, your senators are busy creating new bills to pass before the semester ends. 
Some of the new ideas include a proposal to fix the elevator in Prescott Hall and persuading the administrators to make a TV room in Prescott. 
There will be an open Senate meeting coming up for more suggestions on what else can be adjusted on campus. Remember that you have a voice and your senators are always eager to listen to your ideas!

Yeimy Rodriguez studying is a sophomore studying business administration.