Senate starts senator search, adds new representation

Contact Jean for more information on Senate applications. | PC: Zach Morrison

Contact Jean for more information on Senate applications. | PC: Zach Morrison

As the semester is wrapping up, incoming Executive Vice President Jean-Christian Toure is already making new plans for ASB Senate.

Traditionally, Student Senate has been made up of senators representing students on each floor of the dorms and a couple representing village students. But Toure intends to add senators to specifically represent different sections of campus, while maintaining ample representation from the dorms.

“I would like more departments to be represented because I believe Senate will work more efficiently that way," says Toure.

Toure plans to start recruitment this week. A table will be set up in the Ortner Center. Come talk with him, learn about ASB Senate and suggest bill ideas for next year. Students can sign up at the beginning of fall semester, but Toure wants to begin building a strong team now. Below are the requirements and application process for aspiring senators:

Here’s the proposed list of senators:

1 Sports and Intramurals Senator

1 Religion Senator

1 Academics Senator

1 Campus Safety Senator

5 Prescott Hall Senators

1 Culver Hall Men Senator

1 Culver Hall Women Senator

5 Rees Hall Senators

4 Village Senators



- Be in good citizenship standing

- Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA



- Get at least 10 signatures from the students that they will represent (For example, a senator running for village students senator needs to get 10 signatures from 10 village students).

- One signature from a faculty member



-Interview of five to ten minutes with the executive vice president.

(Just to make sure the candidate is really willing to make changes and improve the school. Also, the candidate gets to know more about the senate).

Autumn Mott is a sophomore studying communication.