Seniors in statistics

As we reach the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year, the time comes for when we must say a bittersweet goodbye to our graduating seniors. For those of us moving on and even for those of us staying here at Union, we remember all of the memories we’ve made over the last year and remember the times we’ve shared together.

Below, you can see the results of 55 seniors who were surveyed on the moments that made up their time at Union College.

While some of the survey’s results were expected, such as a small portion of seniors who have gotten engaged during their time at Union, others were surprising. The majority of seniors said their sophomore year was their best year of college, with junior year close behind. Some of the responses were comforting in knowing that no one was alone in failing a test, pulling all-nighters or even crying in a professor’s office.

These many moments of the last four years have made our seniors who they are today; both the good and the bad, from failing a test and crying in a professor’s office to falling in love and getting engaged. All of these moments have made up the Union experience.




Amanda McCarter is a sophomore studying biomedical science.