The Season of Christmas Music


We’ve made it guys. Through sleepless nights, early mornings, skipped meals, and a never-ending pile of responsibilities our semester is finally almost complete. That means it's time for the holidays!

For me, the holidays begin when I can first see my breath outside. It feels like a sign given to me by the universe that it is time to begin listening to Christmas music and getting in the festive mood. I see nothing wrong with this event even taking place on a brisk August morning. A sign is a sign!

Many people furiously disagree with this belief. I have many friends who believe you shouldn't even consider listening to Christmas music until the week after Thanksgiving. In their mind's I'm some kind of heretic. I’m commonly asked "how can you listen to Christmas music when not all of the holidays in between have passed? It's an abomination!"

To this, I simply respond, why should the joys of the Christmas be limited to such a short time span? There are 52 weeks in a year and people want to limit the joy of Christmas music to only 5 of them. In my mind, the childhood nostalgia brought by the soothing harmonies of Christmas music is something we should be able to savor for more than just a couple times during the year.

Additionally, I see Christmas and Thanksgiving as one big holiday. One must push aside the consumerism that corporations have thrust on the season and instead, focus on the spirit of generosity and thankfulness the holidays were created for. These themes go hand in hand and thus should be celebrated as one unified time of joy and happiness. If they’re one holiday, then listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is wholly appropriate. 

This season, pull your friends and loved ones close, tell them how thankful you are for them, and share the joy of those nostalgic Christmas tunes. 

From our team at The Clocktower to you,
Have a Very Merry Christmas

Gabriel Flechas

Gabriel Flechas is a junior studying business & engineering.