Union College’s most eligible bachelors 2017


The new year is filled with resolutions, new classes, and a new season ABC’s “The Bachelor!” This year we’re graced with Nick Viall, a seasoned contestant on the franchise who’s hoping to find lasting love with his turn in the driver’s seat. 

ABC isn’t the only place you can find eligible bachelors … We have our own hot comods with hot co-bods ready to sweep a special someone right off their feet (or be swept up themselves #feminism)! Here are the top three bachelors of Union College, as deemed by live polling in the Union Market:


Pictured Max Bromme | PC: Zach Morrison

Pictured Max Bromme | PC: Zach Morrison

Max Bromme is a freshman business administration and international relations student from Florida. “Live life to the MAX” [emphasis added] is his favorite catchphrase, which is both cheesy and inspirational. 

He loves skiing, something he doesn’t get to do too often being a Floridian for the last decade. “I’d like to travel to Switzerland to see the Alps,” he added. When asked about his favorite place in the world, he answered short and sweet: wherever his family is.

He was coy when it came to his best and worst qualities. Classic Max Bromme, so modest and secretive! Maybe those are his best and worst qualities…? He also said he loves when a girl is fun and focused on the right priorities. 

A dream date with Max might include watching The Office, his favorite TV show, or a sweet serenade on the piano. Max has taken piano lessons for years and playing is one of his favorite hobbies. Look out females! His little ditties on the ivories will make you swoon.

Pictured Armando Jimenez | PC: Zach Morrison

Pictured Armando Jimenez | PC: Zach Morrison

Armando Jimenez, our next bachelor, is also a freshman from Florida. Studying business and sports management, Armando enjoys watching The Walking Dead or Friends in his spare time. His favorite line is by the lovable but ever-dweeby Ross Geller: “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” 

When asked about his role model in life, Armando got serious about his mom. “I love her to death. She’s been my rock since day one,” he said. “She raised my brother and I as a single mother and loved us unconditionally. I hope to love my kids as much as she loved me!” 

To further add to his hunky status, he gushed about his joy working with kids. “I worked at camp this past summer and just love spending time with them!” he shared. “Oh, and I like basketball or whatever.”

He described his biggest fault to be his tendency to goof off,  but when asked about his best quality, he laughed. “At the end of the day, I’m goofy! You can’t hate goofy!”

Pictured Mikaal Ellis | PC: Zach Morrison

Pictured Mikaal Ellis | PC: Zach Morrison

Mikaal Ellis, a sophomore biomedical pre-med student, is our final bachelor. His studies keep him extremely busy but he’s never too busy to hang out with friends. When asked about his favorite TV show, Mikaal answered, “Grey’s Anatomy.” If he chose biomed as his major, perhaps he’s hoping his real life will imitate his favorite characters (McDreamy or McSteamy?). This bachelor shares the same secret talent as our first: he can play piano like a dream. Is a dreamy bachelor duet in Union’s future?

When getting introspective, Mikaal said the most attractive quality in a girl is a spirit of independence, someone who can do her own thing and not be clingy. “My biggest fault is joking around during serious situations,” he responded. “My best quality is that I can make friends easily.”

There you have it, Union College. Not only are these three men prancing around tryna’ date but there’s hundreds more where they came from! Take advantage of the potential of a new year and date a bachelor.

Katie Morrison is a senior studying business administration.