2 “Star” Movies that Deserve 5 Stars

PC: Kayla Potts

PC: Kayla Potts



Youtube usually has a pretty steady flow of movie trailers that I try to stay current with so I know what’s going on in the world—you know, because movies are what’s important … I should probably read a book or something. Every once in awhile, I see a trailer for a movie that just looks GOOD. The kind of “GOOD” that tugs at your heartstrings, inspires you to chase your dreams, aids you in becoming a better person somehow or just straight up crushes you—yes, those can be good too.

Well this month, there were two powerhouse movies that did NOT disappoint.

“A Star is Born” is a remake directed by Bradley Cooper, who also plays Jack in the film, a famous musician who has a big heart and an eye for hidden talent. He meets Ally—Lady Gaga—a gifted singer who has always been told she doesn’t have the looks to “make it big.” He’s smitten by her confidence and her voice and takes it upon himself to get the world to hear what she has to say, all while making her fall in love with him.

It’s a very human story full of spontaneity, insecurity, addictions and through it all … love. It portrays life like it is—completely unpredictable and more intricate than we will ever understand or be aware of.

I’ve already said too much … go see it!

“The Hate U Give” is a must-see. I can’t emphasize this enough—EVERYONE NEEDS to watch this movie. It gives you insight into realities you may not want to acknowledge exist, while opening your eyes to truths you didn’t even realize you were ignorant about. I’m honestly not even qualified to write on this, but I’d LOVE to have a conversation with you after you watch it. Seriously, hit me up.

If you haven’t seen the trailer already, DON’T. Just take my word for it and go. The trailer just doesn’t do the movie justice. It may be a movie with a message, but it doesn’t preach at you.

Instead, it tells a story of a girl named Starr—one that we all need to hear. The creators weren’t looking to change the world, but to help us recognize we don’t “get it” and sometimes we never will, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying or treating people with respect and love.

This. Movie. Gets. REAL. And we need more “real” in our lives. 100% would recommend.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Movie Guy

P.S. The soundtrack from “A Star is Born” is FIRE. Who knew Bradley Cooper had pipes and Lady Gaga could act like a BOSS?

Nicholas Morrison is a senior studying graphic design.