Air Traffic Control

PC: Kasondra Reel

PC: Kasondra Reel

Hardly Worthy


Autumn has arrived bringing with it chilly days. The trees are wearing fiery coats of red, orange and yellow. The squirrels are scurrying around campus trying to find hiding spots for their treasured food. Most birds have taken off for their summer homes in the Caribbean and college students run to early morning classes, regretting the choice to not grab a coat.

All these beautiful things are happening in the harmony of fall. Now, do the trees wake up every morning wondering if their color is the right shade because they aren’t the same as everyone else’s?

Does the squirrel ask his friends if his hiding spot is adequate? Maybe the birds flying south wait around only to realize they aren’t made for snowy winters.

Instead, each of these were made with an innate knowledge of what they were created for. Why then do we sit around wondering what we were made for and called to do? God has put you on the path that is right. He has positioned you in a place for success.

Think of a pilot. He has a plane full of people that he’s trying to land safely, yet he doesn’t have a clear sight of the ground. He’s not going to turn around and ask all the passengers, “Well guys, what should I do in this situation?” even though some may offer sound counsel.

He’s trained to land the plane and has all the knowledge he needs. He’s not impaired, yet he cannot safely land without the guidance of an air traffic controller. The controller may not have all the aero specific knowledge, but they rely on the pilot to guide the plane to safety. God is our ground control.

Sometimes we’re taxiing on the ground fine, safe and sound on solid ground, taking off for another spiritual journey. And other times, we’re in unsafe conditions, relying on our controller to guide us to the runway. He has created us with the innate ability to connect with Him in any situation. He has provided opportunities to learn and grow in knowledge of the world.

We don’t have to rely on what our friends’ opinions are or what the latest trends are. Yet what we do and say also impacts who is around us. All we have to worry about is the condition of our plane, ourselves and the guidance of our Air Traffic Controller, God.

Kasondra Reel is a senior studying nursing.