Aiming to Inspire

“You don’t inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing they are.”
Working layout for Clocktower this year I had the chance to be inspired and encouraged by my editor Gabriel Flechas. When I first applied I thought I knew exactly what I was doing. Now when I look back I can see how much I didn't know, but Gabe let me do what I needed to in order to figure it out. This coming year I want to inspire you.
Whether you’re trying to decide what movie to go see, catch up on the latest craziness that is news these days or figure out what Unionites think about important topics, The Clocktower is an incredible outlet for you to read what’s going on and to have your own voice be heard.
Those people that will make up my team next year will be the reason the Clocktower succeeds. I want to take all of the wonderful things that The Clocktower has now to lead into more next year. Realizing that by the end of my term as editor-in-chief I will probably look back on applying for editor and think about how much I didn’t know.
Without the team and without the readers, The Clocktower doesn’t exist and I look forward to leading a team that brings the best to Union. Hopefully inspiring new and exciting changes while continuing with all of the great things The Clocktower has been known for during the last 92 volumes. There will be mistakes and I hope you will bear with me as I strive to give my team the inspiration to create an amazing paper.

Maegan Luckiesh is a senior studying graphic design.