An Enchanted Gala

PC: Levi Ventura

PC: Levi Ventura


ASB hosted their most attended event of the semester, a fairytale-themed banquet, on Sunday, Oct. 28 at The Scottish Rite in downtown Lincoln. Over 200 students showed up to An Enchanted Gala, many of whom made the theme their own by dressing as their favorite fairytale character. “I liked the venue because it was right in front of the capitol building so a lot of people were able to go outside and take pictures,” said senior business administration major Courtney Gentry.

Inside the venue, the centerpieces  were vases filled with glittered roses and petals surrounded by candles to emphasize the theme. There were also disposable cameras on the tables, which provided another opportunity to document the memories of the night. The popular stations at the venue included the photo booth and the professional photos taken by the ASB photographer, Esther Pervis. The photo booth consisted of a digital stand that printed booth-style pictures.

The food offered was more than just the usual pasta. “The food was very good. I liked that there was a ton of options like potatoes, pasta, rice, and salad,” Gentry commented. The menu provided varied options such as roasted herb potatoes, wild rice pilaf and stuffed red bell peppers.

Several student from the fine arts division provided entertainment for the event in song form. While all of the pieces were received warmly by the crowd, perhaps the most favored song of the night was “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” sung by Jovan Cross, Noah Ford and Joslyn Lewis and accompanied on the piano by Christianna Nesmith. The audience’s enthusiasm was manifested by its eagerness to join the trio in singing the song.  

Union’s very own comedy club also performed for the audience. The club, sponsored by Brett Hadley from the humanities division, prepared a couple of improvisation games that involved participation from the ASB officers.

One of the games called for two participants to embody the character Hadley chose for their scene. The catch was, the two could only speak to each other in the form of questions.

This proved to be harder than expected as everyone involved scrambled to form questions under the pressure of being onstage. For their finale, the members delighted the audience with a complex tongue-twister scene.

Although the next banquet doesn’t happen until the spring semester, be on the lookout for the posters and social media posts advertising the next ASB event.

Yeimy Rodriguez is a junior studying business administration.