Creed II




If you read my article from the last issue, you would’ve seen that I recommended the movie “Creed II” which came out the day before Thanksgiving. This recommendation was purely from seeing the trailers and being a fan of the story, but after seeing it for myself my recommendation is through the roof!

Before you go out and watch it, because you value my opinion so highly, you need to watch the first four “Rocky” movies, or at LEAST “Rocky IV” first if you haven’t already. Otherwise “Creed II” will have zero context and go right over your finals-filled heads. You probably should watch the first “Creed” too for character introduction and development, but it’s not necessary and to be honest, the second one was so much better than the first that it really doesn’t matter!

New and old characters were developed so well that it was easy to empathize with even the minor characters and “villains.” There are scenes that will rip your heart out and squeeze it like a stress ball and then there are scenes that will get you PUMPED and make you feel like you could knock someone out. The soundtrack and desert montage alone made me consider getting into running and for anyone who knows me at all you KNOW that’s big.

So if you need to either release some pent up emotions, be motivated and inspired to take on the world or both, take a break and go watch “Creed II.”

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Movie Guy

Nicholas Morrison is a senior studying graphic design.