Donald Trump and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Administration




To begin, let me say: if I had to identify with a party, it would be the Democratic one. However, I prefer the term liberal. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump and I don’t like most of the things he’s done in office.

He’s crude, impulsive and has a less-than-stellar character. That being said, Hillary Clinton is weird and I didn’t vote for her either.

This year I’ll be keeping you posted on what’s happening with our country and how our President responds.

Let’s summarize the top five events from this summer:

Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at a summit. Things were/are tense because of the allegations North Korea is receiving regarding nuclear weapons. The summit was friendly, leaving Trump and Jong-un on their way to being best pals.

Trump announced his plan to funnel $12 billion into a Space Force program. Meanwhile, Flint, Mich., is still wondering if their water is clean, I still have to pay thousands of dollars for health care and loans stick around for decades. Oh well.

Trump’s administration submitted a proposal to stop the anti-pollution standards for cars, which seems to be a pretty specific dig at his predecessor. In defense of the proposal, Trump said more fuel-efficient cars would mean more people on the road, which means more accidents. Yep, that was a justification.

Trump confirmed the allegation by Michael Cohen that he paid off two women to stay silent about their affairs with the president during the election season, but with his own money, rather than with campaign funds. Like that makes it okay.

Mollie Tibbetts was abducted and killed by an illegal immigrant. This tragedy has put a spotlight on immigration giving the Trump administration another excuse to focus on that, as if it’s the worst thing happening in America today.

This summer was full of controversial themes and talks with people of both parties being offended. The biggest challenge we face in this political climate is a sense of fragility and a need to defend our opinions.

This year my challenge to you is to be willing to have open conversations without building walls. Try to be kind and think about the opposite side’s argument before assuming the “I’m right, you’re wrong” stance. Be open to having conversations, regardless of others’ beliefs and remember those beliefs don’t have to define them. If you ever want to contact me to talk about my articles, I’d be happy to discuss!

Ashley Bower is a junior studying English lanuage arts education.