Hardly Worthy


Man crush Monday. Use only one hashtag so it looks cute and aesthetically pleasing. Throwback Thursday. “Wait, wait, don’t drink it, I have to take a picture first!” Flashback Friday. “Ew, take another one. I look gross.” Selfie Sunday.
I’m very frustrated with this generation. We’re a generation so caught up in ourselves yet always on the lookout for approval from others. When did being mainstream and “basic” become appealing, self-descriptive words?
We tell ourselves we’re so independent. It’s like stating possession of independence or originality is more attractive than actually living it.
“I don’t do anything that anyone else tells me to do.”
“I like being my own person.”
So when did being your own person turn into becoming that perfectly contoured girl you model yourself after or that dude with “gainz” that you stand in the mirror hoping to be?
We say we’re so free. We tell ourselves that we’re original, but instead we’re so locked up. We’re a confined generation.
We have just as much opportunity as the previous generations, but what disables us is our fixation on what other people think to the point where we don’t know where our originality ends and our “mimicking” begins.
The opportunities we have are locked up by the screens in our hands that we allow to hold the key.
The OPPORTUNITIES we have are LOCKED UP by the SCREENS in our hands that we ALLOW to hold the key. But, we all know it isn’t as simple as neglecting our smartphones. It’s the ability to have self control, love yourself for who you are and not allow one particular ideal to overtake your life.
Each person’s individuality is an amazing testimony of God’s imagination, the talents we’ve honed in on, and our experiences which lead to the construction of our character. We have so many avenues that we’re able to take, unique to the opportunities and individual skill sets around us. People are amazing.
That is the beauty of non-conformity: living out who we were created to be and experiencing the effect our uniqueness has on the world.
David’s words sum up this very concept in one sentence: “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” (Psalm 139:14). 
So today, stretch yourself to live with intentional originality and to stay rare.    
-pulled from my blog on stayrare.wordpress.com

Kasondra Reel is a senior studying nursing.