HOUC 92.12

HOUC is compiled by Mike Ayala.

HOUC is compiled by Mike Ayala.

My mantra for the last few years has been “In Transit”. This term was originally used as the name of one of the bands I was previously playing in. What the term means is that I’m one who is in transit or in transition. 

Ultimately, my goal is to make it into heaven and so every day I am working towards being the refined version of myself or even better who God intended me to be. Even though today I may not be the person I want to be I know I’m on my way. So, to me “In Transit” means that I’m on my way to becoming the best version of myself. I believe that since high school God has transformed me into the man I am today. He sent me to a boarding academy away from all I knew. He took me out of my comfort zone when he called me to be a colporteur during summers. After stripping me down of my old ways he sent me to summer camp. 

For the last four years I have harvested a love for youth ministry. That ministry is so important to me because I see a younger me in some of these kids. “In Transit” means so much to me because I want to make it to heaven, but I also want to see everyone around me there as well. I believe that we’re all in transit and we’re all on our way to becoming the people God intended us to be.

Tito Baez is junior studying social work