How To Make Time for Self-Care With a Busy College Schedule

PC: Kayla Potts

PC: Kayla Potts



College can be a stressful time. It seems as if homework is piling up, and the tests just keep coming. It’s important not to burn yourself out too quickly. I want to share with you a few suggestions to help add self-care into your busy college routine.

Make sleep a priority

Sleep is essential, and I know, as college students, it’s limited. However, there are plenty of studies that show the importance of sleep and how it can benefit us. It’s all right to pull an all-nighter from time to time, but just make sure you’re getting as much shut-eye as possible to be able to succeed academically.

Stay active

Getting active will help take your mind off other stressors like homework, while keeping your body happy and healthy. It can be something simple like taking a jog around campus or even doing a quick 30-minute cardio routine.

Try to Relax

Relaxation can take many forms. Do some yoga to calm the nerves, get a nap in between classes or even take a long shower. An all-time favorite relaxation activity of mine is doing a face mask, and yes guys can do this too!

Get off campus

You’re on campus almost 24/7, take some time and go somewhere different. The weekends are the perfect time for this. Get out there and explore Lincoln or even gather some friends and take a drive down to Omaha.

Escape the crazy lifestyle (at least for a little). I know you’re all busy, but don’t be afraid take a break. Get lost in a book, listen to music or watch a movie (on Tuesday and Thursdays movie tickets are only $5 for college students.) It’s nice to escape the craziness of life, even for just a little bit.

Treat Yourself

You work hard, the least you can do is find some time to reward yourself. My go-to is usually some frozen yogurt or online shopping. Find what makes you happy, take a break from homework and TREAT YO SELF!

The best way to make sure these tips work is by being intentional about fitting self-care into your schedule. You deserve it, so take the time to take care of you!

Alaysha Harris is a senior studying communication.