Learning to Accept Change

Friends help along the way | PC: IMC

Friends help along the way | PC: IMC

Graduation day of high school, my response to the inevitable question of my future was almost scripted: Bachelors in Nursing, then three years of law school. A Tennessee native, my choice of college was by default. I had a goal, I had a plan, I had confidence. God must laugh when we make plans.

Law school’s the dream, but with only a bachelor’s requirement and no further prereqs, Nursing met the bar and provided a substantial Plan B in the unlikely event of glitches in my master plan. I threw in an emphasis on health attorney when people questioned the correlation. Coming from a family of nurses, my intentions were endorsed. Yet, somewhere in the midst of labs and numerous appointments with my advisors, I remembered to ask for God’s opinion.

During my freshman year at Union, I have found that attending college encompasses so much more than leaving home and taking classes towards a degree that will probably change. I have not only grown both spiritually and academically, but through my interactions as a roommate, student, and worker I have gained an independence far beyond simply moving across the country. I’ve met amazing faculty who see past my indecision and embrace my potential. I’ve made memories on the gymnastics team that will last a lifetime. I’ve realized I will not always be able to go to bed by 10 pm. Yes, there’s a blur of struggling through stressful projects, crying over a test or two, and making desperate calls to Mom. But there’s also getting lost downtown with my best friends, too many Target runs, and the best cinnamon rolls on a Friday night.

Union has taught me to accept changes, chase my dreams, and embrace Plan B’s. I’ve decided to take the Business route to law and take a year off for ACA. I’m a planner, and it’s the most frustrating experience in my walk with God when He changes my plans. But I’ve found that God seldom submits His plans for my consideration. It’s my responsibility to trust, and His to enact.

Natalie Hamilton is a sophomore studying business administration.