New Clubs on Campus

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The United Nations Club is the newest club on campus to keep a look out for. Started by club president and senior international relations major, Senga Rutebuka, networking and helping the community are the club’s main goals. “The United Nations Club is a nationwide organization of colleges that advocate for the United Nations and its goals,” comments Rutebuka, “Basically the United Nations is a global organization that was created to maintain international order, and the United Nations Club is a smaller version of it that with the same rules that they follow.” 

The club was created in August of last semester and they are currently at 33 members. One interesting element of the club is that it’s free to join! No more worrying about extra club fees when signing up, “the club isn’t about the money, it’s about recognition in the community of the work that we do,” comments Rutebuka. The University of Nebraska Lincoln had their own globally recognized United Nations Club but it’s no longer running.

Aside from networking and outreach events, the theme of the club is “Local Leaders, Global Goals” with the overall idea that young people can make an impact on a larger scale. Another goal of the United Nations Club is also to work within our communities while promoting the principles of the United Nations. “My favorite part about the United Nations Club is learning skills that are useful in a professional setting,” comments junior pre-nursing major Mikaal Ellis. “Putting together events that are helpful to the community is another great thing that we get to do.” Since the club is still fairly new, membership recruitment and future planning are first on the club’s agenda. Future plans include expanding its current membership as well as having a bigger budget in order to have more events that are easily accessible and open to the community. 

The first official event that the club put together is a Ted Talk screening in Woods Auditorium, on April 9, 7pm that’s about the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. The proceeds from the donations will go to the EDGA Foundation in Uganda which provides help to women and girls who have been in situations where rape has occurred. The club benefits our campus by being nationally recognized by the United Nations Organization in Washington, D. C. by using the hashtag #unauc at all of their events. 

To keep up to date on the club’s events, make sure to check your email and Squirrel Hub, look for posters, or even talk to a club officer.

Caroline Guchu is a junior studying communication.