New location for Amazon headquarters

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Disclaimer: This article is apart of a special April Fools' Day publication called The Mocktower. No factual information is contained within this article.


Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has shown continual success, and with that success comes expansion. Currently headquartered in Seattle, Washington and with numerous locations around the globe, Amazon has become a household name since its founding in 1994. After searching for a location to call their newest home, CEO Jeff Bezos has decided on Lincoln, Nebraska as the next host city.

According to Bezos, Lincoln is the perfect location–just what he and his team have been looking for. “The Midwest has great potential and the people here are so welcoming, ” comments Bezos. “With Lincoln being the state capital, we couldn’t have picked a better place.” An estimated 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investments will come from the company, which will make a tremendously positive impact on the city. Other cities that were considered include Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, and Atlanta. 

An increase of job opportunities is great news for business majors here on campus. “Not many people can say that they have the chance to get an internship at Amazon,” comments sophomore marketing major Robert Leslie. “With something that big, I might even be able to get a job with them right after graduation.” Time to polish those resumes and dress shoes, seniors.

Along with the new headquarters, Amazon Go is another addition that will soon be available to account holders in the Lincoln area. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Amazon Go is a grocery store filled with ready-to-eat meals and staple groceries but without the hassles of long check-out lines. Just grab what you need and go, hence the clever name. Customers can enter the store with the Amazon Go app, then it tracks the items that were taken and the correct amount is billed also using the app. “I’m glad that Lincoln was chosen for the new Amazon headquarters,” comments senior business administration major Roy Obregon. “It makes grocery shopping fast, easy, and also fun at the same time.” Amazon Go will be located in the new headquarters.

If you’re wondering when and where you’ll be able to experience everything the new headquarters has to offer, great news is the wait isn’t too long. Building has already started and will continue all summer and the scheduled opening is September 2018, just in time for the upcoming school year. The headquarters will be located just a 15 minute drive from campus, across the street from the Lancaster Event Center on the corner of North 84th and Havelock. “Lincoln has a lot to benefit from the Amazon headquarters as well as their grocery stores and it’s exciting to see how this will change the city,” comments sophomore nursing major Alyse Maxwell. 

Caroline Guchu is a junior studying communication.