New Medical Programs

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Exciting additions are coming to Union’s campus! Beginning August 2018, students who are interested can begin working on the prerequisites to Union’s new assistant occupational therapy (OTA) program. According to the website, prerequisite courses for this up-and-coming program are very similar to many other medically-based programs already on Union’s campus. These courses include all the basic general education classes--religion, mathematics, writing--as well as Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II, and Developmental Psychology. 

After the college receives approval from the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education, students may begin their studies within OTA program. Courses they can look forward to taking include Human Occupations, Neuroanatomy & Human Movement, Abnormal Psychology, Therapeutic Adaptations, Pediatric Theory, and just a few more. Many of the courses will also include OTA fieldwork experiences lead by several fieldwork educations. As a growing program, Union is still looking for experienced professionals to fill the roles of fieldwork educations. Application details for available positions can also be found on Union’s website.

The total time to earn this degree is two years. So, interested students who start the program next school year will be able to enter the field by 2020. Cami Hollins, OTA program director and assistant professor, states, “Occupational therapy assistants [can] work in all kinds of settings, including acute and rehabilitation hospitals, behavioral health clinics, community-based clinics and agencies, home health, outpatient clinics, private practice, skilled nursing facilities, [and] school systems.”

As a present student studying in the field of nursing, I am excited to see the medically-based programs at Union growing and expanding. With so many job opportunities around the world for medical professionals, I believe this will be a wonderful way to reach new potential students who will then, post-graduation, be able to reach the world in even more expanded ways than Union could facilitate before.

Even former students are excited. to see this growth occurring on Union’s campus. Former ASB president and theology alumni (2017)  now serving as the assistant dean at Wisconsin Academy, David Kabanje, states, “It is great to see growth happening at Union, especially since so many people are needed in the medical field. What a great way to bring in new students!” David’s wife, Kiana (Myers) Kabanje, 2017 IRR graduate, agrees that this program will provide great opportunities for Union.

Additionally, as the Honors Representative for the state of Nebraska, I am excited to share the news of Union’s expansion at the next state caucus. From this perspective, it is another great way to get Union’s name out there. More importantly, however, this is another great way to share the love of Christ. OTAs will be able to reach a whole new population of people that Union has not had the opportunity of facilitating a connection between, until now!

Kayla Miller is a junior studying nursing.