New Restaurant with a Twist


In January of this year, a new restaurant located at 803 Q St. in the Haymarket named Screamers opened up and it has quite an interesting concept. Founded by University of Nebraska Lincoln graduates, owners Kevin Witcher and Jeff Schrader are paying tribute to their musical past. 

Inspiration for the restaurant started back when Witcher was living in Washington D.C. “There was a similar themed restaurant in the D.C. area,” comments restaurant owner Witcher. “But unlike typical dinner theaters with dinner and a show, Screamers is a cabaret style, which means the staff is the entertainment.” The servers perform songs on stage in addition to waiting tables and serving food. Witcher’s and Shrader’s musical history started when they were both in a show choir nicknamed “The Screamers.”

Screamers has a wide variety of food ranging in price that’s perfect for everyone. The menu includes fine dining, with steak and seafood entrees if you’re feeling extra spendy, all the way to different burgers and sandwiches which start at $10. 

“I like trying new places to eat so this is a great place to go to for great food and to be entertained at the same time.” comments freshman business major Hophni Williams. 

The restaurant has also made the effort to include vegetarian and gluten free food dishes on their menu. “I’ve been a vegetarian for 16 years now and I like trying new foods,” comments junior finance management major Jimmy Gilley. “I would definitely be interested in checking this place out; the vegetarian and gluten free options are also a great bonus.” 

When asked why the Haymarket was the chosen spot to debut Screamers, Witcher had two words: talent and location. “The University of Lincoln and the surrounding area is a magnet for talent as well as the other businesses around so I thought this would be a great place to open up.” In the few weeks Screamers has been open, Witcher has seen a lot more customers than he would of thought and is excited for the future of his new restaurant. Stop by Screamers for a new place to experience dinner and a unique performance.

Caroline Guchu is a junior studying communications.