One Day Vacay


I’m Satired


My name is Elphie, and as an elf working at the North Pole, I don’t get much time off. Each year as Christmas gets closer, the workshop becomes busier, and all of us elves begin to discuss what we plan to do during our one day off of the year: Dec. 25. If we had a week off, this question would be easier to answer. But alas, we have only one day off a year. Some elves choose to wing it when the day arrives and do whatever their hearts tell them, but not me. No, I have a plan. I want every moment of my day off to count.

Thankfully, Christmas day is magically extended so Santa can reach all the houses in the world (yes, that’s how he does it,) so I can fit most of what I’d like to do in a single day. My vacation will begin by simply sleeping in. Us elves wake up at 4 a.m. every morning to make gifts for all the nice kids around the world, so sleeping in is a luxury. When I happen to awaken from my glorious slumber, I’ll attend to my laundry. I don’t have much time off, so I wear the same outfit 364 days a year. While my clothes are washing, I’ll read my favorite book: “Robin Hood.” We elves own only books that have red or green covers, and of those “Robin Hood” is my favorite. Afterwards, I’ll do a little yoga and then attend my once-a-year karate class followed by a massage.

Then a couple of my friends and I will watch all eight of the “Fast and Furious” movies (I read about watching them in a newspaper a few weeks ago and thought it was a fantastic idea.) While we’re watching, we’ll order Chinese takeout and some burritos and those potato things from Taco John’s.

When the movies are done, all the elves in the ribbons division (that’s my division) will get together for a game night, with balloons and ribbons colored orange, yellow, blue, purple and pink. We’ll play a bunch of old card games and drink Coca-Cola with the polar bears until the northern lights flicker across the sky.

After everything is cleaned up, I’ll end the day with a nice tropical bubble bath before going to bed to prepare for another busy year.

Katie Turk is a senior studying english language arts education.