Saving Money in College



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Many college students complain about being broke. With student loans piling up and other needs like food, gas and clothing, there’s always the struggle for extra money. Many students find a part-time job, but that still isn’t nearly enough money to pay for all the necessities. Here are some helpful tips you can use to save a few dollars and make some extra money.

Make a budget! Start by cutting out anything in your life you don’t need. Things like Spotify Premium, unlimited data, that extra pair of shoes you don’t really need, eating out and seeing the latest movie are things you could live without. Learn to deal with the advertisements and slow Wi-Fi so you can spend your money where it really matters.

Next, plug in all the essentials you need to make it through each month: tuition, gas, food, phone bills, etc. Making a budget will keep every dollar where it’s supposed to be so that half-way through the month you’re not wondering where all your money went. Apps like EveryDollar and Wally are also great at helping you keep track of your spending.

Selling excess belongings is one way to make easy money. Most people can find multiple items they don’t use anymore by looking through their closets and under their beds. Clothes are a great way to make a little cash. Sort through your clothes and get rid of anything you haven’t worn within the past 6 months or don’t like that much.

You can take your clothing to Plato’s Closet or other consignment shops or you can often make more money selling your clothes on eBay or Craigslist. These sites are also a great way to sell  items like shoes, collectibles and musical instruments.

Filling out online surveys is another method to make money. Sites like MySurvey, MyView and SurveySpot are productive ways to spend any extra time you might have. Filling out a quick survey while waiting at a doctor’s visit, walking from one class to another and right before you go to bed are great time-fillers.

Saving money is hard and takes self-control, but hopefully by using these tips, you can soon become a not-as-broke college student. Of course if it comes down to it, you can always sell your hair, plasma or maybe even a kidney!

Lena Wilkie is a freshman studying international rescue and relief.