Service With a Humble Heart

Picture provided by Madison Kamarad

Picture provided by Madison Kamarad

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Throughout high school, I dreamt of the opportunity to go on a mission trip. However, my father was never fond of sending me to another country. During high school, I asked him if I could attend a mission trip to Honduras. He refused, saying I could never raise enough money to go. I sent out donation letters anyway, and God was able to provide all the funds I needed. Yet, even though I raised enough, my father still didn’t approve.

My broken heart returned all the donations to my supporters. Then, my father reassured me I could go the next year. I attempted to go on two other mission trips. God provided the funds, but my father kept me from going. My freshman year of college, I heard students could take a year off to be a student missionary and I seized the opportunity. Currently, I’m a medical assistant at the Pagudpud Adventist Wellness Center in Pagudpud, Philippines. I’m here with 10 other student missionaries, and they’ve become my family. Upon arrival, my serving heart believed I was going to convert every person I met and heal every sickness I encountered. It didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t really needed at the clinic. You see, the clinic is fully staffed and could function easily without me. The first month, I really struggled with what my purpose was here. I prayed for God to show me why He sent me, but I couldn’t find an answer. I reached out to Andrew Saunders, a great mentor of mine, and asked him why I was even here if they didn’t seem to need my help. He said to me, “Sometimes we need to be humbled and realize the world can go on without us and we need to step back and learn.” My entire life, I imagined my mission year was my year to be a superhero. Now I understand how my service is what I make it. I can serve at home just as easily as I can serve in the Philippines. Saunders said, “What do you think Jesus would do in your position? I personally believe He would have you be humble, learn as much as you can from the local population, build relationships and show people you care. Sometimes that’s exactly what people need, not being handed a prescription and told to drink more water.”

Please know that your service is needed no matter your location or crowd. Whether you show Jesus’ love to your roommate or sing with kids in the Philippines, you’re a superhero to someone.

Madison Kamarad is a junior studying international rescue and relief.