UC Gets A Soccer Team

The last senate meeting of February was very productive for the group of senators involved. Dr. Allen asked the senators for their opinions on the courses that the Religion department offers for general education requirements. The department is exploring new ideas moving forward, and the senators gave great feedback for the upcoming years. Renae Cross started off with positive remarks on the courses she has taken. “The religion classes have challenged me to think deeper on the stuff I think I know.”

James Clague suggested a Christian debate course. “It would focus on exploring why you believe what you believe with your peers. It can also teach you how to defend your beliefs when you’re around people who find your beliefs wrong.”

Dr. Allen mentioned that a class of this nature falls under the idea of “apologetics”, and a class, Developing the Christian Mind, comes close to what was being suggested. If you have any suggestions for the courses taught by the Religion department, find your local senator and they will make sure your voice is heard.

After the budget was approved by the group, the senators had time to pass a new bill. Gemedi Bakuto created a bill to replace the water fountain located in the Student Center by the bathrooms with a modern fountain including the appliance to refill water bottles. The senators approved the bill and it’ll continue its process towards the school’s administrators. 

The process for a bill to pass through senate is to have the majority of the senators say ‘Yes’ to wanting the bill to move forward. Once it’s passed through this group, the Executive Vice President, Jean-Christian Toure, presents the bill to the President, Anthony Gann. He in turn presents the bill to the President’s Council and that group decides whether the bill is possible. 

They then pass it off to the department to which it corresponds, which for the water foundation bill would be given Plant Services. Although this may seem like a long process for change on campus, everyone involved use their combined efforts to make the change the student body wants to see happen. 

The name for the new coach of the soccer team that Union College will begin fall semester was announced at this meeting. Although he probably won’t be wearing a bowtie while on this job, Pastor Harold Alomia has agreed to lead the new team. 

Lastly, next month, both the new and existing teams of executives of our ASB will be attending the Adventist Intercollegiate Association meetings hosted by Southern Adventist University this year. This will be a place where the ASB team members will be able to network with other schools and find out how their position plays a role at other colleges. It’s also a place where they can communicate issues among the schools and find solutions that have worked elsewhere. You can find Anthony Gann or Angenita Pierre-Louis to voice your concerns about Union that you want addressed.