Views from the Young and Wise

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This week, I asked my friends Charlotte (C), an energetic 5 year old, and Pastor Rich (P), who attended Union when Prescott was new, questions about important spiritual concepts. 

Kasondra (K): What’s your favorite Bible story and why?
P: Joseph, ‘cause Joseph went from kind of an arrogant spoiled child (through a growing process) to maturity. Joseph was a little spoiled. That caught up with him when he got sold into slavery; but something had happened in this process besides timing: affliction, challenges, and difficulties in life. This would be quite a leap from being favored son of a great man to being a slave in a foreign country, but he said, “I’m gonna be true to God.” 
You know nothing sounds fair about this story, and yet, “okay if it’s prison now, then I’m gonna be a good prisoner.” And that paid off for him.
When I look back at the whole picture the whole story, I think his life reflects our lives today. That’s why I like it. I can relate to it. Especially with the timing that is never mine and challenges I never like, that’s the moment that God says “This is your test to see that it’s easy to be nice when everyone’s nice to you, but how easy is it when someone isn’t.” 

C: Esther, because it’s about a girl and I love girls so much.
K: What do you think she’d [Esther] be like? 
C: On Vegetale’s she comes into being the new queen even when she didn’t want to be the new queen and she saves the people. It’s just like a superhero story. 

K: What if someone told you the Bible wasn’t true? 
C: No, everything in the Bible is true. Because Jesus says true things. We just need to stay on the track of Jesus. Just stay believing, He’s the biggest, greatest King in the world.

K: What makes you want to go to heaven? 
C: Well heaven is real and because I love Him and I pray to Him every night.

K: So do you think everybody will be in heaven?
C: Not everybody in the world, but everyone that loves him yes, forever. I know some people love Satan but I’m not one of them.
P: I don’t. But I do think there will be a lot more there than we think will be. I set a standard that’s based on my opinion but God’s standard is mercy so if he can find any way to save a person, he will. The people who won’t be there are the people who have said “I don’t wanna be here.” I don’t think there is any limit on God’s forgiveness; the only limit is on my accepting it.

K: What is something you want the whole world to know?
C: That God is, um, that God is the saviour. Mhm and God is a King. And God is a true God. The one that you are supposed to believe in. Yeah and you can also worship Him in your bathing suit; We can worship him wherever we want.

Wherever we are in life, we have our moments of all-or-nothing childlike faith, as well as our back and forth moments when wrestle with God, trying to find that happy medium between our experiences and His plans for us. Now, take a step back and look at your plans for this summer, the next year, and the rest of your life. Do your plans lineup with where God is leading?

“And my favorite favorite favorite favorite part about Jesus is when we all get to heaven. I haven’t been in heaven yet, but that’s gonna be the best part. That’s gonna be my favorite part when I get there.” 

Kasondra Reel is a senior studying nursing.