The Power of Words

PC: Esther Pervis

PC: Esther Pervis


Words have power. They can lift a person up or rip them to shreds. Hearing, “I love you” from a crush can make your stomach flip-flop. On the other side of it, “You’re fired” or “You’re not good enough,” can cause instant devastation. This year as Editor-in-Chief, I’ve put a lot of focus and energy into the words you’ve, hopefully, read.

I’ve strived to help my writers bring you funny, touching, real and important words. To some The Clocktower is a landmark for Union College, to me these words have a completely different meeting.

It’s a simple title for something that’s become such a big part of my life. I’ve worked in some capacity on the team for two years now and leaving could not be more bitter-sweet.

I’ll miss all the late nights that turned into early mornings, the co-workers who turned into friends and the crazy wonderful entity that is The Clocktower, which is somehow it’s own wonderful breathing thing that’s been around way before me and will be around long after I’m gone (even if it takes a year off.) From here on out when I think of The Clocktower I’ll think friendship—I know I’ll call up my assistant editor the day I start my own company, and whether she’s running the world from New York or right next to my side signing the papers with me, she’ll always be a part of my life.

I’ll think amusement and remember the hours upon hours I spent in my office laughing at incredibly written one-liners, (especially with Mocktower) or having giggle fits with my layout team. I’ll be reminded of the word dedication and reflect on the time my team put in each week to bring you all something amazing. The Clocktower will always remind me who I was when I took this position and how those two little words showed me who I wanted to become.

I hope this year you’ve been there right along with us—laughing, crying and maybe even learning ways you can make a difference. When you think of The Clocktower I hope you feel like a part of something—an entity bigger than a bad day or a terrible grade.

At the end of the day, the word I’ll really think of when I see “The Clocktower” is family.

Maegan Luckiesh is a senior studying graphic design.